Substrate utility library providing functionality for exchange management and multi-signature trading, originally built for LocalCoinSwap

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The focus of this library is on functionality needed to provide an exchange service, including:

  • Account generation
  • Balance checking
  • Making transfers
  • Creating N/M (2/3) escrow addresses
  • Non-custodial trades
  • Cancellation of trades
  • Administration of trade disputes
  • Verification of transactions
  • Diagnostics for common problems
  • Associated cryptography

For complete examples please review the documentation. If there's any exchange functionality you need which we haven't provided, feel free to raise an issue in Github.


pip install substrate-utils

Quick start

from substrateutils import Kusama, Polkadot, Kulupu
kusama = Kusama()
polkadot = Polkadot()
kulupu = Kulupu()


Local development


  • Python 3.8.1 (preferred)

We suggest using pyenv to easily manage python versions. Some of the following commands use pyenv. Use pyenv-installer for easy installation. Then add pyenv-virtualenv plugin to it.

Configure local development setup

  • Install and activate python 3.8.1 in the root directory

    • pyenv install 3.8.1
    • pyenv virtualenv 3.8.1 substrateutils
    • pyenv local substrateutils
  • Install project requirements

    • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install precommit hook

    • pre-commit install

You're all set to hack!

Before making changes, let's ensure tests run successfully on local.

Running Tests

  • Run all tests with coverage
    • coverage run -m pytest -v
  • Show report in terminal
    • coverage report -m


Trade storage calls for 2/3 trades cost:

Polkadot - 40.3040 DOT  
Kusama   - 6.71733331304 KSM